La crítica americana es rendeix a "El gato con botas"

La Bota de Montsalvatge deja huella en Broadway.
La Vanguardia: Francesc Peirón

The first and final salute, though, goes to Montsalvatge’s superbly various music, which should engender performances of the composer’s many other remarkable works. And that irresistible Cat of the wondrous ways should induce the most hardened ailurophobes to save the next kitten from being drowned.
Bloomberg: John Simon

The score, by Xavier Montsalvatge,( …)gives the children's tale a neoclassic setting with pleasantly melodic passages and hints of Spanish rhythms. There's also impressive ensemble vocal writing toward the end. (…) the puppetry, created by London's Blind Summit Theatre, takes the breath away.
NY Theatre Reviews: Ron Cohen

Esta ópera es una metáfora del poder de la imaginación.
Moisés Kaufman

Director Moises Kaufman devised magical scenes ranging from a ballet of bunny rabbits to an evil Ogre's transformation into a lion and a rat -- an effect that easily outshone a similar moment in the Met's "Das Rheingold."
New York Post: James Jorden

Where has this delicious little score with its spoof-ballets and arias been hiding all these years? I guess it’s been waiting, like a princess in a tower, for a company creative enough to set it free.
Opera Today: John Yohalem

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